Soviet Sunday

Rifle Range 12801 Old U.S. 95, Boulder City, NV, United States

Wolverine Wednesday is a Ak enthusiast shooting event featuring 1-2 timed stages to give shooters the opportunity to run their AKs and test their gear. Everyone will need to sign in at the clubhouse, no need to preregister. The event is from 4pm-8pm, late shooters welcome.

As a shooter, you will need a Ak type firearm and 2 magazine minimum. You will need between 60-100 rds and $20.00 to shoot the event. We currently do sell 7.62x39 at the clubhouse.

Spector’s are welcomed but must check-in at the clubhouse, must have eye and ear protection on the range.

We have Pro Gun Vegas- Wolverine unisex t-shirts for sell at the clubhouse.

Vogel Dynamics – “REAL SPEED PISTOL”

This course is simply about learning to shoot fast and accurately at realistic speeds..... the speeds that actually need to happen when the target isn't standing still indefinitely. The techniques of what it takes to shoot 4,5 or even 6 shots per second ACCURATELY will be discussed in great detail and the student will have […]

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