Pro Gun Vegas sits on over 160 acres of land and provides a one of kind experience for avid shooters and beginners alike. Choose as many machine guns as you’d like from our well stocked arsenal. You think you have what it takes to be a sniper? Only at Pro Gun Vegas can you rent a .50 cal sniper rifle and shoot outdoors. Sniping not your forte? Maybe you’re just in the mood to “Blow Some Shit Up”. Hit the Jackpot Experience and feel the full weight of our arsenal while unloading on a vehicle target, then once you’re done we will place a 50 pound charge in the vehicle to finish it off. Ya, that happens here!

PGV Experiences


Experience Extras

machine guns

  • 1 Exploding Zombie – $89
  • 1 Seasonal Exploding Fruit – $30 (Based upon season availability)
  • 1 lb. exploding target – $19.95 (by itself)
  • 1/2 lb. exploding target – $9.95 (by itself)

shotgun golf

(must purchase ammunition through the club for shotgun rentals)

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